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Rotary Die Cutting - CP series

RDC-CP Series

In late 90’s, the development of the CP series die cutting system paved the way for the use of flexible magnetic dies. By pioneering the use of bearerless die cutting cylinders with magnetic rotary pressure (RP) dies, our solution was the most universal because of its ability to run all thicknesses of paperboard on the same set of magnetic cylinders.

The CP series die cutting system is a medium duty modular system used for paper board ranging from 10 pt to 26 pt (250 μm to 660 μm). This is a great system for small to medium run quantities of any carton type.


  • Width: 16" - 22" (410 - 585mm)
  • Repeat Range: 18" - 34" (450 - 860mm)
  • Maximum speed: 600 f/m (180 m/m)



Die Modules

  • Die modules are comprised of a 4 inch thick base casting with 1.25 inch side frames
  • The cylinders are designed with 60 mm tapered journals which allow the cylinders to be supported by only the bearing blocks - this allows the cylinder gap to be adjusted with ease which is a huge benefit when using flexible magnetic dies
  • Cylinder gaps are adjusted in seconds in increments of 0.0001 inches

Outboard Pin Stripping

  • The CP series module uses a mobile outboard stripper which can easily be moved to another die module during the make ready process
  • By have two of the these strippers, capital costs are kept low and efficiencies are not compromised
  • The lower shaft is servo driven which provides superb cut to pin accuracy
  • 16 to 34 inch repeat range with robust bearing caps for easy change-over

Delivery System

  • This delivery system is designed to deliver finished cartons as well as sheets up to 35 inches long
  • The single stage servo driven skew conveyor will gently grab the cartons from the stripper and de-nest up to 5 inches wide for configurations that require a large gap between shingled lanes
  • Skew lanes have a pneumatic vertical lift so that adjustments for different carton configurations are made with ease
  • The servo driven shingling conveyor is programmable for kick frequency so that carton handling and counting is effortless